Ms. Edwards A-Z

A = Ashland University and Airplanes

B = Beaches, Brazil, Butterflies, The Beetles, and daughter, Brigitte

C = Caring Communities, Creativity, and PB Oatmeal Cookies

D = Daughters, 2 and Dog, Sailor

E = Education and Exercise

F = Florida, Flowers, and Fun

G = Grapes, Grape Jelly, Guitar Music, and Gum

H = Happy Smiles and Horseback riding

I = International Cultures

J = Joyful singing and My son, Jonathan

K = Kindness and My daughter, Kailin

L = Loving people, Learning, and Lollipops

M = Manners, Memories, Movies, Music, and Moms Everywhere

N = Nature and Niceness

O = Open Minds and New Opportunities

P = Popcorn, Piano Music, and Portuguese Language

Q = Quality Work

R = Rainbows and Rainforests

S = Sunshine, Sunrises, and Sunsets

T = Travel, Theatre, Treasures, and Third Grade

U = Uniqueness and U2

V = Victories post defeat

W = Watermelon, Waterfalls, and any Water anywhere!

X = Xylophones and Musical Instruments

Y = Youths Making a Difference

Z = Zoo and Animals Everywhere